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Mouse Borð – Svart

34.790 kr.

Stable, beautifully crafted kids table
Give your toddler a place for contemplation, drawing, and playing. Mouse Table is easy to move and becomes a portable station for play, both in the kitchen while cooking, in the living room or the child’s room. It simply allows the children to be where the parents are while being entertained.

Invite your 2-5 year old child to sit down at their own table to play near you.
Strengthen the independence of your child with furniture that fits their size.
Create a mobile play station, you can easily move into the kitchen as well as the children’s room.
A beautiful little table, comfortable and incredibly stable.
Crafted from one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, wood.
The importance of feeling safe and secure by being close to family is part of Nofred’s design philosophy; therefore, the timeless design, size and shape makes the award-winning table easily adaptable to most spaces around the home, and with six colours to choose from – compliments most home interior.

– and fits perfectly with the Mouse Chair from the same series.

It is available in Oak, White, Grey, Black, Petroleum and Burgundy, to ensure it suits your home interior. The painted surfaces are purposely and carefully painted to keep and highlight the structure of the oak surface.

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